According to Palacio & Theis (2016), the single most important


According to Palacio & Theis (2016), the single most important prerequisite program for food safety is the personal hygiene of the food and beverage handlers. Room service managers are challenged with ensuring the food safety of delivered meals. Concerns include ensuring appropriate food temperatures are maintained, not only concerning holding times, but transit times as well. It is important for managers to be proactive and put measures in place to limit the risks of spreading foodborne illness due to mishandled food and beverages by food handlers.

Review the Learning Activity before addressing the Discussion topic.

Topic: Beverage and Food Safety

  • What are the safety procedures involved with Room Service (coffee, milkshakes, and fruit juices)?
  • What are the food holding concerns for a restaurant manager concerning hot items versus cold items at a restaurant’s buffet brunch?


Payne-Palacio, J. & Theis, M. (2016). Foodservice management: Principles and practices (13th ed.). Pearson.

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