Answer question by question and prepare an executive report of

Answer question by question and prepare an executive report of about 1,000 – 2,000 words (3-6 pages) describing all your rationale on the topic based on the questions. 

1.1.  What impresses you about your company? Is it well-managed—why or why not? Does the management style at your company match what we in the business school have taught you about “how to manage?”

1.2.  How would you characterize the competitive strategy of your case just in case it exists?

1.3.  What are the key approaches your company has taken to promote successful implementation and execution of the strategy the company follows? How has it gone about building a capable organization? How have rewards and incentives been linked to key strategic targets?

1.4.  Describe the culture of your company. What are the underlying values that shape its culture? Would you characterize your company’s culture as healthy and largely supportive of good strategy execution? Explain.

1.5.  How does the company instill and perpetuate its culture? Explain the role of the incentives in building the culture and facilitating strategy execution. Do these practices affect your company’s ability to staff the organization with managers and employees capable of executing the strategy?

1.6.  How do the company’s structure and culture reflect their view of leadership?

1.7.  As markets become more global, what challenges will the company face? Will you need to change its team processes? The culture? Explain.

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