For the purpose of your individual assignment, select any ONE

For the purpose of your individual assignment, select any ONE of the following TEN organizations:

  1. PELOTON – Industry: Fitness
  2. ALL BIRDS – Industry: Shoes
  3. VW – Industry: Automotive
  4. SHOPIFY- Industry: Retail
  5. CROWDSTRIKE- Industry: Cybersecurity
  6. TIKTOK – Industry: Social Media
  7. SPOTIFY- Industry: Music Streaming
  8. HOTEL CHOCOLAT- Industry: Chocolate
  9. LUSH COSMETICS- Industry: Cosmetics
  10. YANDEX- Industry: Technology
  11. DOORDASH- Industry: Food Delivery
  12. DANONE- Industry: Food Products

You should aim to select the organization and specifically industry in which you have a strong personal interest. You may gauge your interest if you see yourself working for the firm or in this industry or even you may be considering launching a start-up in this industry.

Analysing the Industry and Organization 

Familiarise yourself with the industry and your selected firm. Collect data on what has been happening in the industry over the past couple of years. What trends are emerging? Where is the industry heading towards with regards to margins, competitive rivalry and why?

You should use publicly available information to begin your analysis: the organization’s Web site and corporate section is often the best starting point.

There is abundant research available on the industry and organisation. Remember, however, that you are using the Web site as a source of data for the analysis; do not simply copy material off the Web site. Your assignment is an analysis, not a data-dump. In addition, the, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg or Lexis-Nexis database provides useful material on many organizations.

Introducing your assignment:

Rather than directly jumping into answering the questions, it is good practice to use a report format. Start by introducing your firm, its evolution, the industry it operates in and what you will be covering in the assignment (150-200 words)

Questions to cover in your Analysis:

Your analysis should lead you to answer the following 4 questions:

Question 1: Using Porter’s five forces and PEST framework analyse the main forces that have an impact on profitability in the chosen industry. Pay particular attention how these forces have evolved as a result of COVID-19. (Max 500 words)

Question 2: What are the unique resources and capabilities (if any) that give your chosen firm the market power to compete effectively in this fiercely competitive market? Evaluate the effectiveness of these resources and capabilities in home and global markets (Max 400 words)

Question 3:  Identify and discuss the business models which are emerging in the industry as a result of COVID-19 and/or the unfolding of rare events in Europe. Having discussed the industry context, assess the strengths and weakness of your chosen firm’s business model. You may want to consider both near and long-term possibilities. (Max 400 words)

Question 4: If you were invited to a lunch with the board members of the firm with a specific mandate to provide a set of strategic recommendations for short, medium and long term that will enable the firm to build resilience and a sustainable competitive position in global markets, what would your strategic recommendations consist of? Pay specific attention to rare events (e.g., Covid-19/security situation in Europe) and/or mega trends in the industry (automation, AI etc.). You can apply frameworks from the blue ocean strategy to discuss the moves your chosen firm may make. (Max 500 – 550 words) 


2000 wordsThere is 10% (+/-) flexibility in the word limit. Should be typed in 12 font Times New Roman. Single-spaced.

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