This assignment is about you and the effects the outbreak

This assignment is about you and the effects the outbreak of COVID has on your life.  Please follow the listed directions.

  • The assignment must be a minimum of one and a half pages double spaced.
  • Introduce yourself in the first paragraph.  Include your name, hometown, something about the environment you were raised in, your major, what type of job you hope to obtain after acquiring your degree. My name is Shanequa Mcnelson. I’m from Carrollton,MS.Most people call Carrollton the country and i love the country life. I’m a senior seeking my early childhood degree in May.I have a three old son who i love so dearly. After graduation i plan to teach at an elementary school.I also want to go back to school and one day teach at an university 
  • Share how your life has been affected by the outbreak of COVID. For instance, how has your behavior changed relative to where you go, how you interact with your friends, family, and others you encounter. 
  • **Specifically, address your feelings and thoughts about children returning to school/college during the pandemic and how you believe the future of education has and will be effected.
  • Finally, talk about how this pandemic makes you feel (angry sad, confused) and think.  Is it, as some say,  an act of God, a government conspiracy or nature fighting back for all the pollutants humans have put in the air, water, and earth. What do you believe?
  • Be sure to use complete sentences, proper subject/verb agreement, and change paragraphs when appropriate (There is no such thing as a one-page paragraph lol). And please do not use bullet points!

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