Think of a leader you admire and respect.  This could


Think of a leader you admire and respect.  This could be someone like a friend or co-worker. It could be someone from your community, or someone you have read about or are related to. DO NOT include people like the President of the United States, world leaders, business icons, etc. Address the following questions (do not retype the questions):

  • How would you characterize this leader’s style? (refer to the leadership styles included in this week’s module)
  • What are some examples of this person’s leadership style?
  • How did this individual become a leader—for example, by appointment, democratic selection, or hard work and determination?
  • What have you learned from this person?

To learn and to practice composing a document used in business communications, answer the question in a memo to me, Dr. N. Hooper-Simanga. 

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