Peer 1 post Jasmine Dixon  RE: Discussion 1 – Week 4 Case of

Peer 1 post
Jasmine Dixon 
RE: Discussion 1 – Week 4
Case of Paula: Cultural Lens 
Reviewing Paula’s culture and her strengths/weaknesses as the social worker I would take those factors into consideration to address Paula’s needs, well as to develop a plan with the team on how to approach Paula. Through the Future and Performance orientation I would interpret Paula needs as her positive plan for her future with a newborn. This will include making a decision to continue her pregnancy first. If so she would need to begin making plans to have items in place for the baby. In addition to the Future Orientation, Performance Paula’s needs will be interpreted by her changing her lifestyle and adhering to her treatment set by the team. Once these performances are carried out she can expect rewards for a better quality of life, well as the ability to take back over her life, health,and relationships.

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