State your PICOT question. Indicate in parentheses after each segment, what

  • State your PICOT question.
  • Indicate in parentheses after each segment, what part of PICOT the preceding words represent.
  • For example: In patients recently discharged from the hospital following care for heart failure (P), do hand-off calls by the nurse to the primary care provider using the SBAR format (situation, background, assessment, recommendation) (I) compared to no calls (C) decrease readmission rates (O) over a one year period (T).
  • Provide feedback to your classmates that focuses on:
  • The use of correct PICOT format for the question to guide the literature search.
  • Does the question reflect a clinical issue and one appropriate for an evidence-based practice project?
  • Can this project be complete in a primary care setting if the student is in an NP program.  
  • Can this project be complete in a setting appropriate to the students focus–NE, NA, NI?
  • Does the student need to include time or a comparison group to get the answer to their question?
  • Note:  many times the population chosen can serve as their own controls.

see attached document, the PICOT question needs to be created about the topic stated in the attached document which is heart disease.

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