The Mid-Term paper is based on your readings and assignments


The Mid-Term paper is based on your readings and assignments so far from this class. Use this material to discuss and explore what you think the current White House economic stimulus plan for transportation will have on the U.S. transportation infrastructure, its issues, business, people’s lives, and policy.

Your paper should discuss and extend the information on this topic, and to expand by giving real-world scenarios, which reflect this topic of the stimulus plan or proposed plan or idea at least of a plan.

This 1500 word paper should be in APA format, and with 5-7 citations of evidence backing your paper. Articles selected for references should be peer-reviewed and from the University library and/or authoritative websites. You should have a title page and reference page. Also include an Abstract page, Introduction, Conclusion and any other section appropriate to your paper. The paper will be graded on contents, grammar, and format. The TLMT 502 Information Literacy Toolbox and Student Paper Template APA 7th edition provide guidance for your research and formatting your paper.

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