Go online and select an open access article such as

Go online and select an open access article such as in the Journal of Business Research, the Westcliff International Journal of Applied Research, Springer Business Research Journal, MDPI, and BRQ Business Research Quarterly and select an article published within the past two years. Select an article of interest to you and that employs one of the research techniques we have discussed/will discuss in class: surveys, experiments, content analysis, in-depth interviews, focus groups, case studies, or participant observation. Copy the article so that you can turn it in with your critique. Your critique should contain the following elements: 

  1. Provide a complete citation of the article (title, authors, journal, volume, year, and pages). 
  2. What are the research questions/hypotheses? 
  3. What are the major theories that it examines (be sure to briefly explain the theory)? 
  4. What is the research methodology (sample size, independent variables, dependent variables, and how were they measured)? 
  5. Summarize the major results. 
  6. What does the author say is the major contribution of the study? 
  7. What would you say are the strengths and weaknesses of the study with a focus on its methodology?

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