why are crimes involving children disproportionately included among no-crime wrongful

why are crimes involving children disproportionately included among no-crime wrongful convictions? And, in your own words, why might it be especially difficult to identify wrongful convictions in cases where no crime actually occurred? Elaborate. And, in your opinion, should there be consequences for officials—arson investigators, police officers, etc.—who make errors that lead to no-crime wrongful convictions? Fully elaborate. Next, suppose you are a social scientist designing a survey for research on the judiciary and wrongful convictions. What kinds of questions would you ask the judges participating in your survey? Would your questions differ for trial court judges and appellate judges? Why or why not? Also, in your opinion, if someone who is paroled from prison for a sex crime has strong claims of innocence, but has not been fully pardoned or exonerated, should he or she still be required to register as a sex offender? Take a position either way and fully defend it. Also, if an exoneree “contributes to” his or her own conviction by falsely confessing or pleading guilty to a crime, should this person be entitled to monetary compensation by the state, if it later determined to be a wrongful conviction. Elaborate. Next, after reflecting upon Chapter Eleven and Twelve, as well as all of the material we have covered throughout the semester, provide at least one original suggestion as to how society can help exonerees rebuild their broken family relationships, overcome stigma, and confront other challenges. Be creative, yet realistic. Finally, how will the information you learned from this course help you during your career? Please be specific.

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