Viewing Guide: CJL 3510 – Indictment – The McMartin Trial

 Viewing Guide: CJL 3510 – Indictment – The McMartin Trial


1. The text discusses the prosecutor’s office at work. From the tape, cite some examples of work issues related to the text.

2. How does discretion fit into the picture?

3. Cite a specific example of conflicting goals?

4. What role did politics play in the prosecution of this case (cite specific examples)?

Defense Attorneys

1. Review the section on defense attorneys and courtroom work groups. From the tape, cite some examples that parallel the text.

2. How significant was discretion with respect to the defense attorney?

3. How did the defense attorney’s attitude change as the trial process progressed (cite specific examples)?

4. How was the defense attorney viewed by the prosecutor? By the press? By clients?

Defendants and Victims

1. How important were the victims in the decision-making process engaged by the prosecutors and the judge?

2. Cite a specific example of an action you believe might have been classified as manipulating the victim.

3. How can the needs of the victim be reconciled with the concept of due process for the defendant (How can the needs of both the victim and the defendant be addressed within the same justice system)?

4. In your opinion, how (specifically) was the presumption of innocence violated in this case?

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