I need help with this Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles” (pgs.

I need help with this

 Susan Glaspell’s play “Trifles” (pgs. 693-703)
1. Title Implications: Explain what the word “trifles” means. Do you think it is a
fitting title?
2. Symbolic Setting.  
                Where is the murder site/ farmhouse located?
B.  Inside the house:
List two things that let the audience “feel” how literally cold it is:
3. List three significant details that are evidence of a poorly kept kitchen:  
4.  Thumbnail Sketch: Make a comment about each of the characters (one sentence)
    A.  Attorney Henderson_________________________________________________
    B.  Sheriff Peters ______________________________________________________
    C.  Mr. Hale __________________________________________________________
    D.  Mrs. Peters ________________________________________________________
    E.  Mrs. Hale _________________________________________________________
5.  List two “put down” comments the men make against women:

6.  Why does Mrs. Hale get upset with the men talking about Mrs.Wright?  

7.  Why do you think the women hide the dead bird?

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