Module 3 Assignment – 18th Century Context Base your answer

Module 3 Assignment – 18th Century Context Base your answer to the following question on the information presented in this lesson (and in the American Yawp). Do not use outside sources. Be sure The Assignment for Module 3 includes two short-answer questions. Each is worth 5 points. For this Assignment, answer the following questions in 2 paragraphs each. Base your answers on the 18th Century Context: Trends that Made the Revolution Possible lesson. Use at least 2 examples for each. Do not use outside sources. Do not copy or share answers. Note that there is a choice for the first question set: 

pick either option A or option B. (Do not answer both.) Question set 2 only has one option. 

Question set 1: Pick one of the two questions within this Question Set, and then answer it in paragraph form. This section asking you to synthesize content presented in the 18th Century Context lesson. Be sure to complete the entire 18th Century Context lesson before answering. Option A: How did the ideas of republicanism and sensibility influence how Americans viewed society and their relationships with one another? What would keep Americans together once they separated from Britain? Option B: Which of the trends challenged the traditional hierarchy of society? Explain how each challenged the established authority (the established hierarchy). 

Question 2: Primary Source Analysis: Complete the 18th Century Context lesson including the video on analyzing Locke’s Two Treatise before completing this assignment. Base your analysis on the source excerpts of Locke’s Two Treatise and the Declaration of Independence that are provided within the 18th Century Context lesson. Compare the U.S. Declaration of Independence to the excerpts from Locke’s Two Treatise. Where in the Declaration of Independence do we see the influence of Locke? Be sure to use specific quotations to highlight what in the Module 3 Assignment – 18th Century Context Declaration of Independence is an idea/concept/wording taken from Locke. Explain why you think it shows Locke’s influence.

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