Explain why adherence to diabetic treatment programs is so difficult

  • Explain why adherence to diabetic treatment programs is so difficult for most people to achieve. 

Many diabetics do not adhere to treatment programs as they do not get any severe symptoms until years later. This causes people to not fear diabetes which deters to follow a regimen. There are diabetics that do not monitor glucose levels and rely based on how they feel which is not always reliable. Many regimens require the obvious such as diet and exercise which is not always a possibility for many and/or taking proper medication. For those who do not have insurance, they can just afford vials of insulin. 

  •  Maria often complains of negative emotions, stress, and emotional pressures at work. Her colleague, Tandra, says that constant stress can trigger acute coronary events and advises her to meet a doctor. Support Tandra’s statements by citing the research on emotion and CHD. 

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is known as the leading cause of death in the United States. Although diet can have a role in the cause of it, so can your emotions. Having high stress levels and suffering from depression can in fact lead to CHD.  Research has shown that high levels of stres, trauma and acute stress can often lead to a heart attack. With depression, there are studies linked to the heart becoming inflamed which causes plaque to build up on the artery walls.  


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