Writing Assignment: From the Technical Communication textbook, under “Projects” (p.


Writing Assignment:

From the Technical Communication textbook, under “Projects” (p. 14) at the end of Chapter 1, Item #1 under the ‘General’ category: “Write a memo to your boss, justifying reimbursement for this course. Explain how the course will help you become more effective on the job. (See Chapter 15 for memo elements and format.)”

In addition, request reimbursement for all the courses in the BS-CSIA Program, up to whatever dollar limit might be set by your employer (if there is such a limit). Be sure to provide a brief summary of each of the courses and how completion of the overall program will make you a better asset for the company.

If you are not currently employed (or in the military), or you do not want to use your real employer as the target audience, just write the assignment using a fictitious, medium-sized company where they have you and a few other cybersecurity staff and you are addressing the memo to the InfoSec supervisor/manager.

Strictly for identification purposes of this assignment, use the following information in the heading of the memo:

  • From – Your Name
  • To – Professor _________ (don’t write the memo ‘to’ the professor, your audience is your boss)
  • Date – Use the date of the assignment
  • Subject – Enter something appropriate for the topic
  • REF: – “CYB320 Week One Writing Assignment”

Other criteria:

  • Margins all 1 inch
  • Use 12pt font size only
  • Use a standard font style (e.g., Times Roman, Arial, Calibri)
  • Use 1.5 line spacing
  • Written memo should be 1.5 to 2 pages (no more than 2 pages)
  • CYB320 Week 1 Writing Assignment – Grading Rubric – PDF Document (138 KB)

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