Chapter 4 Findings and analysis • Provide clear and logical

Chapter 4 Findings and analysis

• Provide clear and logical presentation of the findings or results of your research, sighting corresponding examples/ instances from your collected/ generated data  o These might include tables, graphs or other diagrams 

• Ensure your results correspond with your stated research objectives/ research questions, or hypotheses (if applicable)

• You might want to consider integrating this section with Chapter 5 (below) or it can be a standalone Chapter.  

Chapter 5 Discussion and Evaluation

Provide an analytical/ critical discussion of your findings/ results aimed at addressing your research objectives or answering your stated research question(s)/ hypotheses.   

o Refer to any diagrams, questionnaire results, graphs, etc. discussed/ presented in the Results/ Findings Chapter

• What are the implications of your findings? 

• How do your findings link with existing research?  

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