Career Goals, Values and Ethics


Length: 2000 words (includes references, excludes appendices) Format: Word document only (NOT pdf) to minimise word count issues in Turnitin. All supporting evidence including your CV, class activities, figures and tables MUST be put in your Appendices as an image/screenshot at the end of the word document. Weight: 30% of your final mark for this unit of study This is an individual assignment in which you will reflect on and develop your understanding of yourself, your future career direction and your strengths and areas for development as it relates to your career choices and goals. Specifically, this assessment will require you to reflect on and integrate the materials and readings from face to face meetings, online modules, workshop activities and readings from weeks 1 through 5 (Theme 1 of the course “Understanding yourself”). By applying course material, you will be able to evaluate your own preferences and strengths, motivations and goals, your values and ethical principles, and how they relate to your career goals.The report has a maximum word count of 2,000 words INCLUDING in-text referencing and the reference list at the end. The assessment is divided into four sections: Part 1: Self Assessment: Analyse your preferences, strengths and areas for development, drawing on at least 3 topic areas and related concepts/theories from Theme 1. Thinking about your strengths, give three Situation Task-Action-Results (STAR) behavioural-based examples of when you have seen these characteristics emerge in your experiences at work, school or in other aspects of your life (e.g., in sports, hobbies, etc.). Part 2: Career Goals, Values and Ethics: Describe your career goals (using the Specific-MeasurableAttainable-Relevant-Time-bound; SMART acronym as a guide), what’s important to you in your future career and why, drawing on relevant concepts and theories from week 4.

Part 3: Integration: Consider how your Part 1: Self Assessment and Part 2: Career Goals, Values and Ethics fit together. How do your preferences and strengths align with your career goals and values? Based on your self-assessment, what areas/skills do you need to develop in order to be able to contribute and to be effective in this career area? How will you build the experience / skills that you need (i.e., through IPP, internship, volunteering, part-time job, etc.). Provide at least one example. Part 4: Appendices: Part 4: Appendices: The appendices are required for the assessment but are not formally marked and are NOT included as part of the total word count. Attach the evidence from part 1 (e.g., your personality profile, motivation sources etc) that you refer to in this section. Also attach any relevant evidence you use in Part 2 (e.g., your career preference self-assessment, values, etc.). Finally, you are required to include a 2 page Curriculum Vitae (CV) which is written based on your career choice. NOTE. All information included in the assessment is confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the teaching team (except with your permission). NOTE. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are equally weighted. Marks will also be allocated based on the overall structure, flow, connection between sections and referencing. To assist us in assessing whether your career plan is within the word limit policy, please follow the instructions below closely: Submit your career plan as a single Word document (NOT PDF file) with Parts 1-3 and your reference list all as text (as these all count towards the word limit). For Part 4 (your appendices), please take screenshots of your CV, and other supporting evidence and paste them as images in your Appendices at the end of the Word document (so that these DO NOT count towards the word limit)

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