Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech

Term Paper – Rhetorical Analysis of a Speech (20% or 200 points) Description For this assignment, you will choose a speech relating to identity to analyze rhetorically. Think MLK Jr’s “I have a Dream,” Nelson Mandela’s “I am Prepared to Die,” Malala’s Nobel Prize speech, or even Ashton Kutcher’s 2013 Teen Choice Award speech. (Pro tip: as you will need to compose a 5-6 page paper, be sure to pick a long enough speech.) You will use this speech and its topic to create an annotated bibliography that builds into your term paper. In your paper, carefully analyze the ways in which the speech delivers its message(s) and consider how and why the author/speaker used those particular rhetorical appeals and strategies to persuasively communicate their message. Who is speaking? What ethos do they have? What logos or pathos is used?

How is that effective or not effective? Where did they give the speech? When? Why choose that time and place? Who were they attempting to reach? Does the time/place/audience all fit? Ect… This essay should be in MLA format and 5-6 pages, depending upon the midterm length. You will also need to create a fully developed argument from your thesis to your support to a counter and rebuttal, so be sure to analyze and research not just for what agrees with you. Criteria Upon completion of the assignment, you will demonstrate the ability to: – Craft an assertive thesis statement that takes an analytical position regarding the implicit/hidden claims/aims in the speech – Present effective and well-supported reasons and evidence to argue for your analytical position(s) – Correctly and thoughtfully analyze the ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos appeals used in the speech (without referencing the Greek terms in the essay) – Engage in a knowledgeable discussion that identifies the target demographic and explains how the relevant features of the speech potentially influence this group – Offer an explanation of the overall message of the speech and its significance – Conclude the argument and its counter while answering the “so what” question – Use tone and language appropriate for a public audience – Compose clear, well-edited writing that is free of proofreading and grammatical errors and usage and style issues Outline March 15 Article Evaluation March 22 Annotated Bibliography March 29 Peer Review April 5 Final Draft April 12

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