What is the function of love in modern Chinese drama?

 Write an analytical paper on whatever ideas that may interest and excite you. Do not bring in works we have not studied in this class without the instructor’s approval. We have been looking at dramatic works reflecting oppositional and contradictory world views as reflected in Chinese women’s and men’s life. For example, a character can be seen as a rebel who acts according to his own will and desire which are often in contradiction to what his culture has expected of him. Similarly, the women in certain plays also refuse to conform according to social and cultural rules of “right behaviors.” What about other characters in the plays? How are they different from these characters? How does one’s world view affect his/her love life? What is the function of love in modern Chinese drama? Are they just love stories? Are lovers in these stories also rebels, or idealists, or conformists? What do they tell us about their world view and the culture at large? Compare and contrast at least two characters from two different works. Analyze those characters as rebels vs. conformists, realists vs. idealists (or romanticist) and their love stories which are conditioned by their relationship to the culture at large.

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