Child Abuse and Neglect of Children with Disabilities

In this assignment you will investigate the controversial topic in Child Maltreatment of your choice and conduct a literature review considering all perspectives of the topic. This paper should be 6-8 pages in length and prepared in APA format. You should use at least two additional peer-reviewed references to analyze and propose a solution to the trend you select. Using APA style and headings, plan to introduce your trend, give brief background and present state of the trend, then discuss the elements in the description below. Please use: A title page Section headings In-text citations as needed References You do NOT need: an abstract or author’s note Please address the following using section headings: Introduction (provide a brief background on trend (who it affects, why it is a trend) What makes it controversial How the trend can be understood in the context of child maltreatment topics we have covered in the course At least two theories that help explain the trend as you understand it from your research (these can be from our text and/or your articles) A proposed solution to address the trend Conclusion

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