Please find the EMPLOYABILITY REVIEW GUIDE document for full details of the essay. The purpose of the employability review is to ensure that you have undertaken the necessary steps to prepare yourself for seeking graduate employment in term 2.

There are a number of activities that are involved but no prescribed order. This is defined by individual preference and self-knowledge. The initial tasks for your employability review are presented as an 8 task/questions diagram in order ensure it communicates no indication of the order in which you should undertake the activities.

The assessment sets out the minimum that you should undertake but you are free to take advantage of as many of the EMPLOY activities as you like. Develop your findings from your Employability review into a 1000-word reflective report. The project has been largely self-directed and has involved preparing yourself for graduate employment. Your final reflective essay should assess the skills used in delivering your project and identify those that could enhance any application you might make. 


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