Rhetorical Analysis Essay Graphic Organizer Complete the following graphic organizer for your rhetorical analysis essay. 1. What is theWicked Problem that

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Graphic Organizer

Complete the following graphic organizer for your rhetorical analysis essay.

1. What is theWicked Problem that youwill be addressing? (What is your controversial topic of choice?)

TheWicked Problem that i will be addressing is GlobalWarming

2. What side of the fence are you on? Are you FOR or AGAINST it? You have to pick a side.
I am against GlobalWarming and I believe GlobalWarming is real andmust be avoided at any cost.

3. Scholarly Source Citation: (Grab this straight fromNoodle Tools.)

Margaret, Kriz. “Https://Www.Proquest.Com/Docview/2156356754?Accoun…”GlobalWarming–Proof and Politics, 1995,
www.proquest.com/docview/2156356754?accountid=4444. Accessed 19 Feb. 2024.

4. Based on the article, answer the following:

Speaker:Who is the writer or speaker?

The speaker/writer is KrizMargaret who presents viewpoints on various individuals involved in the disdussion of

global warming.

Purpose/Claim:What is the purpose of the text?What is the author’s claim?What are they trying to get the reader to


The purpose of the text is to discuss the facts and figures of global warming. The author aims to present views on the

issues with scientific evidence, industry and politics. The claim is that there is human influence on global climate

change and also some extent of volcanic eruption.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Graphic Organizer

Audience:Who is the intended audience?

The intended audience appears to be the general public.

Tone:What is the tone of the author?

The tone of the text is informative and analytical. The text presents the point of views of scientists, industrialists and

politicians. The author provides overview from all angles and delivers concern about the consequences of global warming

Appeals/Strategies: Examine the rhetorical appeals and strategies that the author uses to convey their ideas.

1-2Quotes That Are Examples of the
Rhetorical Appeal

How EachQuote HelpsMake the
Author’sMain Point Convincing


How do you know you can trust the
author as a credible source?

Mario Molina, a researcher at the
Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, was recently awarded the
Nobel prize in chemistry for
documenting the chemical process
that kicks in when man made
chemicals deplete the earth’s ozone

In this quote, the quote adds credibility
to the author’s argument as it is said by
a renowned scientist.

How did the author tap intomy

I don’t need to see people dying in the
street,” he said, “to know there’s a

In this quote, it appeals to the readers
empathy and highlights the urgent of
addressing environmental issues.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Graphic Organizer

How did the author use logic
(data/research/statistics) to develop
their argument?

The Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change (IPCC), which was
organized under the auspices of the
United Nations, reported that “the
balance of evidence suggests that
there is a discernible human influence
on global climate.”

This statement is a logical argument
that is backed by research by IPCC
which employ’s author’s logos

Other rhetorical devices:
Tone, Figurative Language- repetition,
metaphors, etc.

Provide 1-2 examples or quotes from
the text
Theworld should not wait until
scientists prove that an environmental
problem exists.

Explain the rhetorical device and how
it is used by the author to convince the

This metaphor suggests that to wait
for evidences is to risk the life and
health of the planet.

5. Overall, did the author sway your position? Or, did the author provide evidence and information that helped
further affirm your current position on the issue? Explain in a short paragraph.

The author presents a compelling case for the reality of global warming, utilizing credible sources, emotional appeals and
logical arguments. The author provides all the informationwhich is based on scientific research that supports my claim of
global warming and climate change. Even Though the effects of global warming is low to observe, like the author i feel the
emergence to avoid degrading earth’s environment to tackle theworst-case-scenario due to climate change and
greenhouse gasses.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Graphic Organizer

6. Thesis Statement:
GlobalWarming is not just a theoretical concept but a tangible reality with severe consequences.

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