The interview with my IT client was conducted using the Whats App platform, which allowed for both video and phone calls. I am personally acquainted with Mr.

The interview with my IT client was conducted using the Whats App platform, which allowed for both video and phone calls. I am personally acquainted with Mr. Osman Eygu as he is a close relative of mine. The interview had a duration of approximately 35 to 40 minutes, during which I acquired a significant amount of information that will be beneficial for the completion of this project. We opted to conduct the interview via Whats App, utilizing both video and phone conversations, as it proved to be the most convenient mode of communication given our inability to meet face-to-face. Mr. Osman Eygu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and is presently employed as a software engineer at Nike headquarters in Oregon (Shoe dog,, 2018).

Osman has accumulated extensive knowledge in several major organizations, including Walgreens, over his past positions. The major tasks he is responsible for include creating, building, and managing a Test Automation Framework that validates user stories and system requirements. As an SDET at Nike, his primary responsibility is to continuously test additions, enhancements, upgrades, and bug fixes during the product development process. Mr. Osman Eygu immediately reports to the software engineering manager and aids in all aspects of software development, testing, and design. Additionally, he has the chance to collaborate on user interface and backend services, spanning a wide range of applications.

Automation involves implementing cutting-edge techniques to integrate technology and streamline work processes, resulting in enhanced working experiences for people across all jobs in a renowned shoe business company. This approach also ensures future adaptability and efficiency. Regarding specialization, Mr. Osman Eygu and I made the decision to focus our research on automation. He especially opted for automation due to its ability to reduce costs and time in corporate organizations, its reusability, and its capacity to test multiple applications. This decision arises from a profound comprehension of the capacity of automation to optimize processes, improve productivity, and guarantee the quality and dependability of software applications in a rapidly changing business setting. The software engineer is working alongside a highly cooperative team of full stack engineers.

Given that numerous project-related interactions occur online over a computer network, ensuring adequate network security has become a vital concern in his job. His team is currently seeking to enhance the range of services and information provided on the Ms Online website. The presence of supplementary items and information necessitates the implementation of effective procedures to prevent any potential vulnerability.

Taking this into consideration, we have determined that my task would involve conducting research on several network security risks that provide a significant risk, and identifying appropriate responses. Forceful surfing, click jacking, and SQL injection pose distinct challenges to his work. The future of software development is expected to witness a growing significance of automation. Given the increasing complexity and demands of the area, the use of automation will be crucial for teams to efficiently and expeditiously build and deliver software of superior quality(python, 2022).

Automation diminishes the manual burden on developers, liberating them from repetitive duties like testing and code review. This enables them to concentrate on more imaginative and strategic assignments, such as generating ideas for novel functionalities. Utilizing automation to conduct unit tests for every code modification can result in significant time savings and guarantee the production of code of superior quality.

An obstacle in implementing automation is the complexity involved in configuring and utilizing automation tools and software(information, 2019). Automation systems sometimes offer an extensive array of functions and settings, which can be daunting for inexperienced users. Moreover, the process of incorporating automation tools and software into current technology stacks can provide challenges.


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