My topic Using technology as teaching tools Action Items 2-2: Researched Argument Paper: Annotated Bibliography Review the Researched

My topic
Using technology as teaching tools

Action Items 2-2: Researched Argument Paper: Annotated Bibliography

Review the Researched Argument Paper Description.

Identify the claim for your research paper at the top of your annotated bibliography.

Select at least three of the sources you have located to support your claim and create an APA reference entry and summary for each:

Put your bibliography in alphabetical order by author’s last name or title.

Do not copy and paste from an abstract or quote from the source. Complete the summary in your own words.

Assignment 2: I will attach the Excel template


The purpose of this project is to assess your ability to:

· Collect data and display.

· Use Excel.

· Create and interpret Venn diagrams.

· Summarize and report findings.


In this module, you will turn in the first part of Probability Project 1. This project consists of three parts.

· Project 1-1: Data Collection – Due in Module 2

Venn diagrams can be a useful way to display the results of a survey with multiple questions. At a glance, one can get a general feel of the ways in which the experiences and/or knowledge of a group of people overlap. In this project, you will collect data in a survey and then use a Venn diagram to analyze the results.

Action Items

Create an anonymous short survey by selecting any three of the following questions. Note each has only two possible outcomes: “Yes” or “No.” Identify your chosen questions as A, B, and C. Please do not collect any self-identifying information (such as names and email addresses), as it is not necessary for this assignment.

Do you have/live with a dog?

Do you have/live with a cat?

Do you play a musical instrument?

Can you speak more than one language?

Have you ever traveled to a country outside of the one in which you currently live?

Do you belong to a gym/fitness club?

Have you made an online purchase within the past 30 days?

Within the past five years, have you attended a professional sporting event?

Within the past five years, have you been on a cruise?

Within the past five years, have you visited a U.S. national park?

Within the past five years, have you visited a theme park/amusement park?

Do you own your own home?

Add one more question to capture a demographic characteristic that divides your responses into two sets, for example: male or female, under 25 or 25 and over, under 40 or 40 and over, under 60 or 60 and over, student or non-student, etc

Using the same survey for all respondents, collect data from at least 40 subjects.

Responses may be collected electronically using a short email or social media post, through an online survey or data collection tool such as Google Forms, SurveyMonkey or similar, via a paper form, or even verbally (interviews). Here are two free online survey tools:

Microsoft FormsLinks to an external site.

Google FormsLinks to an external site.

Using Google Forms to Create a SurveyLinks to an external site.

You may choose to offer an opt-out response for the demographic characteristic such as “prefer not to answer,” but you must collect a minimum of 10 responses in each of the two categories.

Subjects may include family, coworkers, relatives, friends (or your kids’ friends), classmates, teammates, random people you encounter, etc.

Download the attached Excel template Download the attached Excel templateand record your responses. See the example below.

Complete the summary table on the Excel template by identifying all possible combinations of responses and the total number of responses for each combination.

Add a brief note describing the source of your data (i.e., who were your subjects) and how you collected your responses.

Submit the completed first draft of your Excel file containing your identified questions, data responses, and summary table.

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