Dallas College Richland Campus ENVR 1401 Neighborhood Health

Dallas College Richland Campus

ENVR 1401

Neighborhood Health

Neighborhood Health


1. Students will interpret graphical data.

2. Students will determine the health of their neighborhood given graphical data


Learn about the environmental health of your neighborhood. Go to
Environmental Facts and enter your zip code. Navigate around the site and investigate the information given. Additional helpful environmental fact links:

Air Quality Basic Information

Air Now

Answer the following questions:

*What are the most risks in the area (air, Superfund site, etc.)?

Click two different colored squares on the map.

*Who are the polluters and what type of pollution are they releasing?

My Air

*What is your current air quality?

My Water

Look at the water sources near you.

What is the quality of most of the sources?

*What is the water source name?

*What is its impairment?

My Energy

*What is the source of the majority of your energy?

My Health

*What is the cancer risk of pollutant contributors?

*What is your highest pollutant contributor?

My Climate

*What are the top two contributors of CO2 emissions?


*What information did you find that was the most interesting or eye-opening?

* What are your thoughts on the overall health of your neighborhood?

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