Research Paper: Leadership Skills Overview:

Research Paper: Leadership Skills


Leadership modeling is something we do that determines how we make decisions when in a place of authority. This assignment is meant to compare and contrast the models, then reflect on what these models mean to the student in their leadership journey.


· Choose one or more biblical leaders: Jesus, David, Moses or other biblical leaders and evaluate their leadership style and approaches and compare to what you have learned so far in this Module.

· What were their specialized approaches and in the case of leaders other than Jesus, what were their failings as a leader that we can learn from?

· Also consider limitations we as Christians have on bringing our faith into our workplace.

This paper should be 14 – 16 pages in length of content and be formatted using APA Style.

*A minimum of 14 references are required.

*Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool


Preston Manning. (2017). Faith, Leadership, And Public Life

Shafritz, Jay M.; Hyde Albert C. (2016) Classics of Public Administration, 9th Edition

Montgomery Van Wart (2015). Dynamics of Leadership in Public Service

Michael E. Milakovich, George J. Gordon (2013) Public Administration in America

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