Please post 2 or more peer responses Remember to demonstrate that you have read and understood your fellow student’s post(s) in your response posts by taking

Please post 2 or more peer responses

Remember to demonstrate that you have read and understood your fellow student’s post(s) in your response posts by taking their discussion to the next level. Consider the following ideas for your response: 

· Do you have additional ideas for how your classmate could conduct an audience analysis?

· Are there any further considerations for your classmate regarding the needs of a diverse audience?

· Is their purpose statement clear? Could it be improved? If so, how? Share an insight you gained about audience analysis from reading your peer’s posting.

You will not need research in any of your response posts, but if you choose to, 

remember to use credible sources and provide in-text citations along with reference entries in APA format

Estimated time to complete: 2 hours

In this hypothetical situation, my audience and purpose are very clear. My audience is this situation is the parents of the students, teachers, and people a part of the school’s community. I know this because a PTA (Parent- Teacher Association) includes a diverse group of parents and teachers, and faculty. To gather information about my audience, I can use resources such as surveys, group discussions, and/or parent teacher conferences. Using these resources I stated, I can gain insight into what is going on at our school, the concerns teachers and parents have, and the needs of our school community.

With this being a diverse audience, the techniques I may use to best connect with my audience is to use language that is inclusive and language that connects us to one another. Also, I will use real life scenarios to show how we would protect the students and enforce school safety measures. In this speech, I strive to put forth recognition on the importance of implementing safety measures in our school community and ignite action towards creating a safer environment for our children together as a community. While my speech is primarily informative, it has some persuasive elements that gets my audience to act on enforcing safety at the school and gaining trust in me to do what is bet for our school’s community. By providing evidence-based scenarios and showing the potential impacts of efforts to maintain safety in the school, I hope to motivate my audience to make a strong effort in enforcing these practices. Overall, my awareness of my audience affected my answers to these questions very well. It influenced every aspect of my speech preparation. By addressing the diversity within the school’s community and concerns of the community, I strive to get my audience to sense a unity and shared goals to implement school safety measures. 

If I were to give a speech at the Parent-Teacher Association meeting on the topic of maintaining safety in school, I would be not only addressing the parents, but also the teachers and faculty in a way as well as my audience. If I was a person who did not work for the school and was not a parent, say I was a police officer or someone who goes around and helps educate schools on safety and procedures, then both the parents and the teachers would be my audience. If I was a teacher at the meeting, then the parents would be my audience. Apart from being situation-dependent, I do believe that even if I was the teacher giving the meeting to the parents, that the other faculty could be the audience as well inadvertently. I feel that if the parents were to bring up good points, questions, and new information, that the faculty hosting the meeting could be the audience as well and we all could learn something. So apart from learning the situation and where I would be standing in this, I would want to know as much as I could about the audience, what type of school it is, and I would as questions to the audience as well.

There are a myriad of techniques I could use to connect with the audience. One such technique could be if I had a child, or even a child that went to the school in question, then I feel that the audience would be more likely to realize I also have a vested interest in this topic as well. I also would do my best to get the audience involved, however in my experience, when it comes to the safety of children, that is not something that most people have an issue with being interested or connected to. I would also use visual aids and PowerPoints if applicable, and do my best to not be long-winded unnecessarily. I also would let those know who are too shy that I could meet with them after the speech for questions, but I also would be open to questions publicly from the group once I finished giving my speech. I would also use statistics and any other important, up to date facts about maintaining, or when safety was not maintained in other schools.

My purpose for this speech is, “We want to keep our children safe and make their learning environment something they can be excited about, and not be in fear of.” This unfortunately should hit home for a lot of parents, especially with the rise of school shootings we are seeing all the time nowadays here in America. My purpose is to inform the parents that we do not live in a bubble, we could be affected too, so we need to prepare and prepare as a team to allow for us to have the best possible outcome no matter what. My speech would primarily be informative, as I would be stating facts and giving information mostly, and I hope I would not need to persuade parents to care about their child’s safety, however I feel that. a speech like this would or could be inherently persuasive in a way without meaning to be. My awareness of this audience affected my questions greatly. I know that if it was a totally different speech given to a totally different group of people, almost all of my answers would be different. Which goes back to the importance of gathering information on your audience; if I attempted to give the same speech to a group of elderly individuals with no children, I would possibly have more difficulty not only connecting with them, but also gaining and keeping their interest. Knowing who your audience is and what they are about, is of the utmost importance.

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