Which of the following examples illustrates allyship?

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Which of the following examples illustrates allyship?

Astudent on the events committee notices all the members of the committee are also White. He suggests they include people of different backgrounds when planning the next event.

B. An Indian American student runs for a leadership position for the Black Student Union.

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

Expert Answer

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The term Allyship is a term that describes a type of an inclusive behaviour that attempts to foster workplace inclusion, celebrate diversity around the world, and encourage participation on our teams.

Correct option is
Option 3

Option A and Option B are both correct answers because, in line with the concept of allyship.

Both the options emphasise the importance of recognising and celebrating variety in all its forms. A and B both demonstrate the same meaning, hence both are correct.

The is inclusion of other social groups and steps taken for that inclusion and thus, both the options are correct
Final answer
The correct one is Both option A and option B