Discuss what you learned regarding community treatment Nursing Assignment Help

Discuss what you learned regarding community treatment options. What scenarios can you envision having to use any of them? How would you morally, ethically, and legally navigate a patient who you deem appropriate for residential treatment but who is refusing?https://www.mediafire.com/file/ivz86r5pgl4dvvn/Community_Base+Resources.pptx/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/e45414qmzm6z6b8/2018_Hoyt+et+al._Preliminary+evaluation+of+treatment+outcomes+at+a+mil+intensive+outpatient+program.pdf/file https://www.nami.org/About-Mental-Illness/Treatment/Getting-Treatment-During-a-Crisis https://www.goodtherapy.org/learn-about-therapy/modes/residential-treatment

NSU Understanding Community Health Discussions Nursing Assignment Help

(respond to two other students ) DISCUSSION 1 When discussing mortality, community health should be discussed to explain it more. Examining the issues in a certain community shows insight into what the people inside it go through. With healthcare barriers such as finances transportation, lack of awareness, etc this all leads to health problems that […]

NSU Community Intervention Program Prioritization Nursing Assignment Help

Johnson County Community Hospital would like to see whether their Community Intervention Program, which was designed to improve the health of their community, has been effective. They are concerned that they are not going to have funds for the next year and need to decide which interventions they should continue and which they need to […]

Northern Virginia Community College Leading Causes for A Nursing Assignment Help

Read: Professional Communication and Team Collaboration that is attached (for more information on this book chapter go to:   After reading, consider the following: Why is it important that an organization have a standardized communication tool? Do clinicians need to employ specific communication techniques to assure patient safety? Why is communication recognized as a one […]

Collaborate with community members, community liaisons, Nursing Assignment Help

Collaborate with community members, community liaisons, and/or members of health care team regarding your project. Utilize this template to guide a short interview with your liaison. Relate how they will be helpful in implementing your project. Steps: Access template below and use it to complete this assignment. Review the questions listed. Conduct a brief interview […]

MDC Disaster Recovery Plan for Vila Health Community Nursing Assignment Help

– Develop a  disaster recovery plan to lessen health disparities and improve access  to community services after a disaster. Then, develop and record a 10-12  slide presentation of the  plan with audio and speaker notes for the Vila Health system, city  officials, and the disaster relief team. – Complete the following: Develop a disaster recovery […]

USC Community Strategic Plan for Public Health Issue Nursing Assignment Help

For this assignment, you will research and prepare a community-level strategic plan that addresses a key public health issue. Potential topics may include: Using prenatal and infancy home visits to prevent child abuse and neglect Preventing falls in the elderly Reducing population salt intake Reducing tobacco use among adults Preventing risky sexual behavior among youth […]

Aberystwyth University Town Hall Presentation to Your Community Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

DISCUSSION 1—In Unit 6, you had the opportunity to give a town hall presentation to your community. As the director of the local public health department, stakeholders such as academicians, health professionals, state health department staff, representatives from affected communities, and representatives from nongovernmental organizations are looking to you to understand all aspects of the […]