Create a 10-15 slide Power Point presentation of your Nursing Assignment Help

Create a 10-15 slide Power Point presentation of your evidence-based intervention and change proposal to be disseminated to an interprofessional audience of leaders and stakeholders. Include the intervention, evidence-based literature, objectives, resources needed, anticipated measurable outcomes, and how the intervention would be evaluated. Submit the presentation in the digital classroom for feedback from the instruct. 

SU Resistance in The Oka Legacy Case Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Scenario You are the chief marketing officer at Pleasant Hills Hospital. Your hospital has merged with Southside Hospital, another facility in the same area of the city. As part of the merger, both hospitals agreed to give up their names and logos in favor of a new, revitalized brand identity. Mr. London, your hospital CEO, […]

Please compose a power point presentation that will include Nursing Assignment Help

Please compose a power point presentation that will include the following components: the paper is attached  Topic Background Problem Statement Research Design Data Collection What you anticipate to find Why it is important    This link is a pic of the rubric 

I need a 10-12 slide powerpoint presentation Quality Nursing Assignment Help

I need a 10-12 slide  powerpoint presentation Quality Control Management  in Respiratory Care within a Hospital care  setting ? What are the standards now ? and what can possibly be Implemented to approve  ?  Please have Pictures  comparsion Charts and   Creative Ideas  Scholarly Less than 5 years 

HIMA 460 AMU Data Visualization Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

As a data manager, you are often tasked with developing graphs for various projects, committees, and focus groups. The Revenue Taskforce would like you to develop a set of graphs to analyze the number of patient visits, length of stay, and payment methods. You will compile a presentation of findings for the next meeting. Using […]

CUMS Symptomatic Impacts of Substance Abuse Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

research and then communicate through a presentation the following 2 elements for the chosen health topic are Substance abuse ( students or families)..The presentation should include a minimum of one slide for each element: Element*****Symptomatic impact of the health issue for individuals Element****** Impact of the health issue on academic and social progress and learning […]

UA Making Specialty Drugs Affordable Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

Topic: Specialty/specialized drugs Create an infographic that explains one (1) challenge facing the American healthcare system.   As part of your infographic, identify a potential policy option for addressing that challenge.  Develop an infographic on one of the topics covered in this lesson and identify a potential policy solution at the federal, state or local […]

NURS 307 Pregnant Women Caring Practice Presentation Nursing Assignment Help

? MAIN DETAILS: Include the following in your presentation: 1. Nursing Management/ Nursing care of this topic – What this topic is  2. Patient teaching – Why is it important 3. Explanation of what the topic is  4. Two of Watson’s Caraitas Processes need to be incorporated (how can her factors help you plan the […]